How can I find new customers in the floriculture industry?


The floriculture industry has faced tough times since 2009. Before 2009 there was a strong growth in the global floriculture industry, especially in the export. Cut flowers are the main products in the global trade and living plants are mainly regionally sold products. Also, cut foliage and flower bulbs are the counterparts of floriculture. Since 2009 the economic and financial crisis has also reached companies in the floriculture industry. Their international competition has increased, and the production and export from countries like Colombia,Ecuador, Ethiopia and Kenya became more significant because of good production conditions and lower costs. Experts say that the international competition will only grow bigger. Because of the increasing competition, a lot of companies are looking for new customers. In this blog, you will read about the different possibilities to search for new customers and things to pay attention to.

The global export of floriculture products was more than $20 billion in 2013. Holland has by far been world’s biggest hub for the industry for years. However, recently the total share of floral export decreased from 58% in 2003 to 52% in 2013. Unfortunately, a lot of growers, exporters, and wholesale companies have lost the competition against the economic and financial crisis. A lot of other companies have to work hard to gain enough business to survive. Foreign customers buy their flowers in other (mostly South-American or African) countries for lower costs or buy their flowers directly from the grower instead of import companies to reduce costs. Some big supermarkets do the same, they contact the growers and import flowers straight from the source. The economy is changing and so is the floriculture industry.

New customers

Some companies stick with the same customers for years, others are constantly looking for new ones, to keep (or grow) their business. Very often new clients will contact flower export or wholesale companies directly to buy flowers. Also, salespeople search for potential customers and do their best to get enough business for the company they work for. Joining or visiting fairs and events is also important to meet new clients. This way you can show them a part of your products and promote your company. When you are a visitor, you can see the products of different companies and compare them.

Should I do business?

When you have found a potential client, or he has found you, what will be the next step? What do you know about these potential clients? Should you do business because they claim to be one of the biggest companies in their country? And of course, they can’t pay all orders in advance so they need a credit limit for this which means you should be able to trust your customers. A lot of companies do not know what to do and just send the flowers, because they need revenue and they want new clients. Unfortunately not every client has good intentions and in some cases, they can’t pay all debts, or don’t even pay at all. The number of bad debtors in this industry is enormous. There are a lot of criminal activities, especially in East- and South-European countries.

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