Achillea Millefolium


Range of colors of Achillea Millefolium

Common yarrow flower (Achillea millefolium) usually comes in white or yellow color, but cross breeding has added all possible colors and shades to this palette. It is possible now to order orange-red “Paprika”, orange “Terracotta”, extensive red “Fire King”, pink “Apple blossom”, pale lilac “Christel”, purple “Ornamental yarrow” and many other yarrow breeds. Besides color, stem length differs from the one of the common yarrow. There are even some flat dense creeping yarrows, such as “Dwarf wool yarrow”, that can create a perennial ground cover even on the rocks. However, all types of yarrow are as unpretentious as common yarrow and can be easily planted and grown.

How to grow Yarrow?

An extremely hardy perennial plant can grow almost everywhere. It easily spreads in poor soil and under the direct sunlight, has a very low need in fertilizing and watering. The best soil for yarrow growth is sandy, mulched and well-drained ground. The plant has strong roots that penetrate deeply into the ground and it is difficult to take them out. The best season to plant yarrow is spring. After the first frost plants must be cut out to an inch or two stems. As a perennial plant, yarrow can grow in the same place for a few years. Each year the soil must be mulched, especially in the hot climate, and plants must be thinned when growing in the same place for three years. Otherwise, yarrow can expand to the nearby areas and turn into fast spread weed, which is extremely hard to get rid of, as plants multiply their seeds very fast.

Where to use Yarrow flowers?

Fresh yarrow is often used in rustic style bouquets and floral compositions. Yarrow flowers can be accompanied by roses, lavender, sunflowers, eucalyptus leaf and ornamental grasses. Florists often use dried yarrow, as it is easily preserved and even dried herbs have spicy scent of fresh flowers. Another yarrow benefit is its medical power. Since the ancient times its leaves have been the cure for many minor medical issues, because of its strong antiseptic features. Besides floral and decoration industry, yarrow oil and powder are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.




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